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Identify California Judges’ Tendencies and Get the Edge You Need

What if you could effectively determine how a California Superior Court Judge will likely rule on your case, or a crucial motion in your case? Or, what if you had solid data available at your fingertips to help you protect your client by disqualifying a judge before litigation begins? The innovative legal analytics platform from Gavelytics can help you do this, and much more.

Remove the Guesswork About California Judges

With Gavelytics, you can quickly identify and evaluate a judge’s tendencies through the platform’s artificial intelligence technology. As a litigator, you can obtain actionable information about a judge’s past rulings, how often attorneys file peremptory challenges against the judge, and how a particular judge tends to rule on more than 100 types of legal motions.

AI-Powered Litigation Data Analysis

Finding useful and actionable information about Los Angeles Superior Court judges, as well as other judges throughout the state has historically been a significant challenge. The quantity of data involved in conducting these searches and effectively quantifying the data to determine judicial tendencies has been a seemingly impossible task. This has forced litigators to rely on anecdotes, rumors, and commonly conveyed information between colleagues, none of which enable a customized litigation approach before a particular judge.

Through our AI-powered platform, we can help you customize your litigation strategy. The algorithm sifts through tens of millions of data points, giving you access to powerful information that can help you win more cases, manage client expectations, and improve your marketing capabilities to prospective clients.

The Motion Analyzer within the Gavelytics platform presents data on how California judges rule on over 100 motions. It provides you with historical information on a judge’s ruling on motions, including demurrers, summary judgments, and compelling discovery. Gaining knowledge of a judge’s tendencies in these and other facets of the litigation process can help you develop a comprehensive and powerful litigation strategy.

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